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    Thank you for considering making a request of transportation with FlyttprinZen. We arrange transports from Sweden to all over Europe. Express deliveries, moving household goods and basically anything that fits in our mean machine. We do not ask any questions regarding anything but the essentials to perform your request and we deliver as fast as we can. Our goal is to deliver that premium feeling from our first contact, throughout your mission and beyond.

    Vad vi behöver från dig

    We need to know where we are collecting your stuff. We also want to know the location where you want us to deliver. To give you a fair price, we also want to know how you expect us to handle the loading and unloading from our vehicle. In case you haven’t boxed and wrapped everything, we can do that for you. Please inform us by checking the right boxes and confirm when we contact you directly. No one enjoys a delayed delivery and we expect you to want that premium feeling right from the start. If you change your mind about anything, we’re just one call away. You are important to us, as are our other customers so please inform us of changed plans in a timely manner.